It is my pleasure to introduce to you two of the fastest growing trends in girl’s accessories!

My company, logo loops, LLC produces both a cotton/lycra stretch headband as well as a self-adhesive sticker-backed patch. Both of these products are designed to help bring pride, spirit and whimsy to the girls in your world! Imagine any young girl that you know rolling out of bed in the morning and popping on one of our headbands, or scooting out the door to go to school carrying her backpack covered in patches – all of a sudden she has a “look”! She is telling the world that she is proud of where she belongs, who she is and what she likes!

Our products can be worn as a fashion statement, sports accessory or team/school/camp spirit-building product.


“We want America’s girls to not only look groomed but to show pride in their affliliations!” – logo loops, LLC

“Be proud and loud” – loop-a-likes