At logo loops, LLC our original intent was to provide camps, teams, clubs and organizations the opportunity to tailor a headband to their own precise specifications 다운로드. Girls and young woman today have a casual and relaxed look, but are busy! They do not have time to battle their hair. They grab what they can find and pop it on their heads 컷더로프 다운로드. Wouldn’t it be great if what they find in their haste reflects personal loyalties or afflilations?

At logo loops, LLC with our customized headbands – “We want America’s girls to not only look groomed, but to show pride in their affliliations 녹스 리니지2!
We are both a Barnes & Noble College Booksellers approved vendor as well as a liscensed vendor of “Official Liscensed Product”, by Affinity Consultants for all National Sororities 마이크로소프트 비주얼 c++.

How to Customize

Customizing product is an easy process! You may choose from our wide array of solid headband colors and use as many as 9 individual colors of thread for decorative embroidery 장기게임 다운로드. Our goal is to take your design/logo and make a finished product that is uniquely your own! Before you order consider the following questions…

What artwork do you want to submit?
Is your artwork or logo available in jpeg format? Is it available in vectored format?
Do you want our assistance in designing a look that is specific to your needs?
Dependent on how you answer the above questions, we are able to take either “as-is” art (in jpeg form or vectored) or our design-assisted art and produce a DST (embroidery–ready) file complete with your precise color combinations in order to create a finished product that is uniquely yours!

How to Order

Please submit artwork to us for review at [email protected] Please either send us a jpeg or vectored artwork complete with your contact information (email address, phone numbers). We will work with you to finalize details and approve all proofs that might be involved in the process.


Timing will be contingent on FINAL approval. Once a final proof is approved, we estimate a 10 business day turn-around time to complete a finished product. We will ship once the 10 day business day period has lapsed or before if we are able.

Pricing / Minimums:

Minimum initial order = 12 units
Please call 314-359-0051 for special pricing
If you live in the State of Missouri, an 8.636% Sales Tax will be applied to the total of your order
A standard UPS flat–rate shipping fee will be applied based on weight

Additional Fees:

If you choose to send us a logo that is new to us and has never been formatted to a DST file, there is a one-time digitizing/set-up fee ranging from $20-$60 based on the complexity of the logo. This fee allows us to create your emblem with authenticity and attention to detail. This fee will be included in your initial invoice but will not re-appear upon re-order of the same product.
Optional – $60 per hour for custom design. Our personal designer will work with you one-on-one to create specifically what you desire
Edit fee: If we already own a specific slogan/ design and you wish to change out text or add an image that we also already own in our ready-made designs, there will be a one-time $20.00 edit fee assessed.

Example: Peace love gymnastics – changed to peace love rowing = $20.00 edit fee.